Our Philosophy

Play with your team all year long - just switch up your blades!

As a brand new sport in Grande Prairie, our philosophy is that the bigger our city grows the diversity of sports needs to grow too. After signing up for your chosen sport you may find yourself not enjoying it as much as you thought you would. That's what is great about living in a city with choices. Finish your season (never leave your team stranded when they are counting on you), and pursue one of the other many options there are available to you.

Going hand-in-hand with ice hockey and ball hockey, inline roller hockey is a way to keep your blades on all year long. Gather your winter ice hockey team mates, and register a team for the spring/summer season!

As the nations fastest growing sport the game is played with four players and a goalie. There are no offsides and no icing calls. This gives the players the ability to work on their puck handling skills while utilizing their line mates on wide open ice. The goalie is forced to keep his eye on the players at all times, helping to develop his techniques and abilities to stop the puck.

What a perfect way to keep up with your skating skills, agility, and techniques. Arrive back on the ice in perfect form and great shape!

We are focusing on developing leagues for 8-17 year olds and 18+. (Those between the age of 16-17 can play adult with parent's consent). If there is enough interest from female players we will work hard at ensuring that everyone can play!

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